Having experienced leadership on City Council will be crucial to Winchester as we guide our community through this unprecedented pandemic, and this is not a time for the next City Council member from the Third Ward to learn on the job.
There is no doubt Winchester will face tremendous challenges over the next 4-years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of which are still unknown.
Covid-19 is still with us, communities across the country are still experiencing spikes in the number of reported cases, and local governments will be dealing with the effects of the pandemic for year's to come.
We do not yet know the full impact the pandemic will have on the Winchester's budget or our local businesses community, particularly our local restaurants and other small businesses. Unfortunately, some jobs and businesses will not immediately return.
City Council will need to use all the tools we have available at our disposal to ensure we remain a vibrant and growing community. Achieving these goals will take more than just Ordinances and Resolutions passed by City Council. It will take vision, teamwork, and leadership to see us through the crisis and position the City for future growth and success.
As our community has learned over the past few years, experience matters. We have seen where inexperienced leadership leads us, and the results are less than desirable.
Democrats took control of City Council in 2018 for the first time since 1980 and currently hold all leadership positions on City Council – Mayor, President, Vice President, and Vice Mayor. Since gaining a majority in 2018 they have neglected to address key issues facing Winchester in favor of issues that seem to emanate from politicos in Richmond, or the DNC In Washington.
As you may recall the issue of renaming Jubal Early Drive was placed on the agenda by Democrats during the height of a global pandemic where meetings were held virtually, and in-person public input was limited.
While underlying issues related to renaming a street named after a Confederate General are certainly worthy of City Council discussion, one can’t help but wonder why Democrats were so quick to table the issue once the true temperature of the community was taken. They cited cost, but such a consideration, at least an estimate, should have been sought before we began discussing such as sensitive issue.
Democrats have had control of City Council for 2-years and have neglected the core issues facing Winchester in favor of wedge issues such as re-naming streets during a Global Pandemic  and passing a Public Relations manifesto, the Standards of Decorum.


Paid  for and authorized by Elect Corey Sullivan for City Council