Economic Development

As the economy recovers from the effects of COVID-19, Economic Development will be one of the top priorities facing the next City Council. I am committed to keeping an open mind and evaluating all options that may present themselves.
If Winchester is going to maintain steady tax rates and a stable tax base, while also providing adequate funding for other obligations such as Education and Public Safety, Economic Development will play a key roll in achieving that goal.
Winchester was recently awarded almost $2.5 million by the Federal Government as part of the Corona Virus Relief Fund package and we plan to distribute that money among many community partners such as the EDA, our large business community, our small business community, and our Non-profit community.
Over the next 4-years, other Economic Development projects will arise and we need to be prepared to act so that we can position Winchester for success in the 21st Century. Well thought out and planned economic development projects could play a significant role in sustaining and growing our local economy over the next several years.


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