I grew up in Winchester and attended Winchester Public Schools. I attended Quarles Elementary School, Daniel Morgan Middle School, and finally John Handley High School, class of 1996.
I am committed to seeing through the completion of the Shihadeh Innovation Center to give students in Winchester an alternate path to careers after high school, other than one that involves taking on huge amounts of crippling debt to attend college. I am also committed to using the Innovation Center to help adult workers transition to new careers who may lack the skills necessary to change careers.
My fundamental belief is that we cannot guarantee outcomes for individuals, but we can ensure the opportunity is available for those that wish to seek it out and improve their lives.
While City Council’s relationship with our Schools is one that primarily consists of allocating funding with the School Board and School Administration determining how those funds are budgeted and spent, my job is to keep the lines of communication open and foster an environment of collaboration while respecting each bodies duty to fulfill their individual goals.
I look forward to working with Winchester’s first-ever elected School Board members and previously appointed members on achieving these goals.


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