Experience Matters! 

This is not a time for your next City Council member from the Third Ward to learn on the job!

When voting begins on September 18th, please consider how important it will be for Winchester to have common sense, independent leaders during these very tumultuous times.



Partisan leadership that focuses on wedge issues which originate from politicos out of Richmond or DC will leave us further divided.


Winchester deserves leaders that will put people first, not politics.

Corey's Background

Member of Winchester City Council since 2014

37-year resident of the Third Ward.  I have  never lived anywhere else in Winchester other than the Third Ward.

Educated in the Winchester Public School System from K-12 and a graduate of John Handley High School, class of 1996!

If re-elected, I will be the only member of City Council that attended and graduated from John Handley High School.

As a lifelong resident of Winchester, I have a broad perspective to draw upon when making decisions, unlike my opponent who has only lived here 7-years.

The industry I work in will never have business brought before City Council.

I have never had to abstain from making a vote on city council due to a conflict of interest.

I vote my conscience and do what's best for Winchester.


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