"Covid-19 is still with us, communities across the country are still experiencing spikes in the number of reported cases, and local governments will be dealing with the effects of the pandemic for years to come. Having experienced leadership on City Council will be crucial to Winchester as we guide our community through this unprecedented pandemic, and this is not a time for the next City Council member from the Third Ward to learn on the job. "
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Council Committee Structure

"When City Council reduced its size from 13 members down to 11 members, then finally down to the current size of 9 members it did away with its long-standing committee structure. This change, while well-intended at the time removed City Council members from an important aspect of forming city policy, which I believe you, the voters of Winchester elected us to be a part of."
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Economic Development

"If Winchester is going to maintain steady tax rates and a stable tax base, while also providing adequate funding for other obligations such as Education and Public Safety, Economic Development will play a key roll in achieving that goal. Relying on tax increases alone to pay for public services will never lead us to prosperity."
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"I am committed to seeing through the completion of the Shihadeh Innovation Center to give students in Winchester an alternate path to careers after high school, other than one that involves taking on huge amounts of crippling debt to attend college.
My belief is that we cannot guarantee outcomes for individuals, but we can ensure the opportunity is available for those that wish to seek it out and improve their lives."
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Fire & Rescue

"This issue is a perfect example of why we need to bring certain standing committees back to City Council, such as a Public Safety Committee. The issues concerning our Fire and Rescue Department are complex and fully understanding them takes a tremendous amount of time and resources above and beyond what is provided to City Council under the current structure."
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"Winchester will need a range of housing options over the coming years to accommodate the anticipated growth of our City. In a landlocked City such as Winchester, affordable housing options will certainly be part of the solution, but they will not be the only solution. By providing a range of housing options for all citizens of varying income levels we can ensure people from all walks of life can call Winchester home."
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Police & Public Safety

"It was sickening to watch the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis as well as many other instances of police brutality over the past several years.  Police brutality should never be part of the status quo and should not be tolerated, nor should rioting, vandalism, and violent protests be considered an acceptable method of seeking change."
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Public Works

"In a city that recently celebrated its 275th birthday, the strategy of kicking the can down the road regarding infrastructure will simply not work anymore."
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