Police & Public Safety

It was sickening to watch the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Police brutality should never be part of the status quo and should not be tolerated, nor should rioting, vandalism, and violent protests be considered an acceptable method of seeking change.
Peaceful, non-violent demonstrations are a hallmark of our society and should continue to be used, when necessary, to draw attention to social issues that have gone unaddressed and unresolved for far too long.
If there is any lesson to be learned from this tragic event and apply it to my job as a City Council member, it would be to ensure that proper training, funding, and resources are provided to our Police Department and other community partners.
Many more conversations will take place locally and nationally in the coming months regarding the relationship between local Police departments and the communities they are sworn to protect.  As an elected public official, I am obligated to ensure community voices are acknowledged and heard and that necessary policies and actions are taken to affect the change which is long overdue.


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