Public Works & Infrastructure

Improvements to Winchester’s infrastructure will continue to be a top priority moving forward. While these are not the most glamorous projects we spend your tax dollars on, they some of the most important. No City Council member can stand by and watch our critical infrastructure deteriorate if we want Winchester to be a thriving 21st Century city.
City Council recently issued $37 million in 30-year bonds exclusively for Public Works projects. These projects include work at our water intake facility on the Shenandoah River where the city draws its fresh drinking water, a continuation of our Water Meter Replacement Project, replacement of pumps at wastewater pump stations around the city to ensure wastewater is properly managed, and funding for a new and badly needed City Yards maintenance facility where we repair and store and maintain millions of dollars in the equipment necessary to keep our city running.
In a city that recently celebrated its 275th birthday, the strategy of kicking the can down the road regarding infrastructure will simply not work anymore.


Paid  for and authorized by Elect Corey Sullivan for City Council